Child Scolds Mom For Getting Pregnant Too Much [VIDEO]
This video, which was only posted to YouTube YESTERDAY, has already been viewed FOUR MILLION times!  I can understand why...  It's VERY funny.  This is a video of a mom breaking the news to her young son and infant daughter that she is going to have another baby.  Her son wants NOTHING to do with it…
5 Creative Sleepover Themes for Child's Party
Slumber parties have incredible potential for chaos, with the combination of sleepy kids, liquids moments before bedtime, and shovelfuls of junk food. Adequate planning will ensure less stress for you and more fun for your children. These themes are sure to keep everyone happy and entertained until …
'Kid Prez' Meets Real Prez
So apparently when YouTube star Kid President isn't busy giving us pep talks or taking over the White House he's busy doing one of the coolest things imaginable...meeting actual president Barack Obama.

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