It’s National Register to Vote Day – Find Out How You Can Register Online
In case you've recently emerged from a two-year hibernation, or just returned to America after being stranded on a mysterious island for five years after your yacht crashed, there's an election coming up November 8th to elect a new President, along with various other national, state, and local officials. Regardless of who plan on voting for, you won't be able to unless you register. Fortunately yo
Odd Kentucky Job Search
A new online career website has released a list of the most searched job in every state in the U.S. While Indiana and Illinois have results that make sense, our neighbors south of the Ohio River had a rather peculiar result, that I'm not even sure qualifies as a "job".
Illinois Finally Bans Necrophilia and Other Weird Laws on the Books as of 2013
When the ball dropped at midnight New Year’s Day, several states across America implemented a handful of weird new laws that appear as if they should have been put on the books in the 1800’s rather than 2013. Get this; it is now illegal in Kentucky to release a feral hog into the wild, because apparently the Bluegrass state has a problem with wild-eyed swine wreaking havoc on their farmer’s crops