Winter Storm Photos
Despite the inherited dangers that came with the winter storm that blanketed the Tri-State under a sheet of ice earlier in the week, such as hazardous driving conditions and power outages for several hundred people in the area (almost all of which has been restored as of this post), Old Man Winter's icy footprint can also be quite pretty in its own weird sort of way.
Ice Storm Anniversary
The past month and a half has treated the Evansville area to some of the coldest weather on record, but it could be worse, and you probably remember that it was.
Winter (Storm) is Coming
UPDATE: The National Weather Service in Paducah has officially issued a Winter Storm Watch for the entire Tri-State area beginning Thursday evening.
How To Make Fire From Ice [VIDEO]
This is CRAZY AWESOME! I would have never dreamed that you could start a fire by using ice, but this guy does it and he shows you how! I just wonder how he can handle the ice that long with bare hands. My hands would be freezing! Consider this a cool science lesson...