IMDb’s Top 10 Movies of 2016 List Is… Interesting, Let’s Just Put It That Way
The Internet Movie Database is a fount of helpful information. With a few simple clicks, users can learn who shot the Miley Cyrus vehicle So Undercover (Things to Come cinematographer Denis Lenoir), which sequel in the Hellraiser franchise featured a performance from a young Adam Scott (the fourth one), or how old Taraji P. Henson is (who looks that good at 46?!). As a repository for loose factoids from in and around the world of screen entertainment, it can’t be beat. As a source for critical perspectives on those same films, however... hoo boy. Just take a gander at any comment section for a movie’s page and marvel at the IMDb is the site where rabid anti-Ghostbusters zealots congregated to downvote Paul Feig’s movie into oblivion weeks before its actual release, and the newly-released IMDb Top 10 provides an even clearer view of its user base.
Dan Aykroyd Has Harsh Words For ‘Ghostbusters’ Haters Who Attacked Leslie Jones
If you haven’t been paying attention: Leslie Jones endured a barrage of disgusting racist and misogynist attacks that ultimately forced her to take a leave of absence from Twitter. The culprits? The very vocal contingency of Ghostbusters fans (aka Ghostbros) who have been decrying Paul Feig’s reboot because it features an all-female cast. Original Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd has come out in support of Jones, and he’s got some seriously harsh words for all the haters.
Ghostbusters Review
Both Gavin and myself are literally lifelong fans of Ghostbusters.  To say the least, the 2016 reboot with an all-female cast has been hotly polarizing.  We agree disagree on several aspects of the latest film.  Let us know who you side with more, The Rob or Gavin.  Do you think the original films are better, or the 2016 reboot?
‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Won’t Be Released in China, Maybe Because of Ghosts, Maybe Not
Last year, Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak was denied release in Chinese theaters thanks to an old provision in the country’s censorship code, which bans films that feature cults and superstitious elements. It looks like a similar fate has befallen Ghostbusters, as Paul Feig’s reboot will not be hitting theaters in the world’s second largest film market. But it might not entirely be about that whole ghost thing.

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