Famous Cartoon Character

Why I Love the Peanuts Holiday Specials and You Should Too
A certain ex-boyfriend of mine (who shall remain nameless but was an excellent gift giver) presented me with one of my most treasured possessions on Christmas of 2003. It was The Peanuts Holiday Special Box Set. If you know me at all, you know that Snoopy is my all-time favorite character.
Frank Welker – The Voice You Didn’t Know You Knew
Hi, my name is Ryan, and I. Love. Cartoons. Everything from classic Looney Tunes, to newer, more adult-oriented 'toons like Family Guy, Futurama, and Archer. Heck, I even get excited when I see a promo on Disney Channel for a new episode of Phineas & Ferb or Gravity Falls. I'm also addicted to k…
Inside Famous Characters
As a kid, I used to watch Sesame Street and Barney, believing that they were real characters in a far away land that I just HAD to visit one day. But I as got older, I realized that there were PEOPLE inside those costumes. I used to wonder who they were, and now I know! SPOILER ALERT!!!