Hangers Receives $25,000 from State Farm Grant
The EVSC Foundation announced that a $25,000 grant from State Farm’s Neighborhood Assist program, will be awarded to Hangers, a clothing resource that provides clothing and hygiene supplies for nearly 2,500 EVSC students every year.
The Best Way to Re-purpose Excess Halloween Candy
Yesterday, my preschool age daughter and I went to Holiday World Happy Halloween weekends. (If you've never been, get down there this weekend or next because it's so much fun!) One of the things she received was a goodie bag with some sweet treats. Between trick-or-treating at church, scho…
10 Life Lessons Kids Learn at the West Side Nut Club Fall Fest
Ahhh, the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival. It's a time and place where even the older generations can feel like a kid again. But, do you realize how many life lessons the younger ones learn from the Fall Fest? If you are a parent, and you don't teach your kids these things shhhhaaaaame on…

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