burdette park

Top 10 Things to Do in Evansville According to TripAdvisor
One of the biggest gripes people from Evansville have is that there's nothing to do. As a native myself, I've certainly said that a time or ten. Maybe it's because we're too "inside the box." Meaning we can't step back and see what our city has to offer because we're too close. We're here …
Energy for Life Walk
The annual event will help raise funds and awareness for those battling Mitochondrial disease, a potentially life-threatening condition that affects the cells ability to produce the required energy needed for the body to function properly.
Spotlight: Burdette Park
One of my co-workers loves to go camping with his family. They hook up their cute little pop up travel trailer, load up the kids and spend the weekend right in the thick of nature. I spent a good part of my childhood camping and though I'm an "indoor cat" now, I am sure that when my daught…

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