Child Scolds Mom For Getting Pregnant Too Much [VIDEO]
This video, which was only posted to YouTube YESTERDAY, has already been viewed FOUR MILLION times!  I can understand why...  It's VERY funny.  This is a video of a mom breaking the news to her young son and infant daughter that she is going to have another baby.  Her son wants NOTHING to do with it…
Amazing Baby Reveal!
Let's get one thing straight; I can't stand lame baby reveal stunts or gender reveal parties.  But I did really enjoy this baby reveal video from the McGillicuddy's (I'm going to assume that's their real name).
Today Kat Learned...
A childhood friend posted to Facebook about having Irish Twins, and while I felt like congratulations were in order, I'll be honest, I didn't exactly know what that meant! So, I looked it up.

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