iPhone’s Siri Sings Led Zeppelin – [VIDEO]
iPhone’s Siri Sings Led Zeppelin – [VIDEO], a website dedicated to made up news about all things Apple related (think of it like a tech version of The Onion), published a story claiming the company has decided to cut costs by having Siri re-record all 12 million songs in the iTunes catalog. As proof, they provided an exclusive in studio video of Siri's take on the Led Zeppelin classic "Stairway to Heaven". Read Mo
New iPad Explained In 90 Seconds [VIDEO]
I have never owned a tablet. I only got my first smartphone 2 years ago. By that timeline, I will likely get a tablet about the time my daughter graduates high school! LOL As for the new iPad 3... It looks awesome! Maybe I'll treat myself and get one when she gets her drivers license...

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