Nick Carter First Hit the Bottle at Age 2
Remember how Backstreet Boy Nick Carter fingered Paris Hilton for his partying problems? Turns out, the hotel heiress may not be to blame for his issues after all, considering Carter started boozing when he was still in diapers. Seriously.
The Best Addiction Anyone Could Have [VIDEO]
When you think of someone having an addiction, you generally think of it in a negative way. But I found a video of a man who has an amazing addiction! Instead of being addicted to gambling, drugs or stealing, this man is addicted to the opposite of pick-pocketing...
It’s Official — We’re Addicted to Our Cell Phones [POLL]
Everywhere you go you see people that appear to have their cell phones physically attached to their ears and thumbs for fear that if don’t stay glued to the godforsaken thing they just might miss out on something as important as a Facebook status update or the latest social commentar…