The Owen Block on the corner of 2nd & Chestnut in downtown Evansville is at risk and organizers of Owen Block Preservation are encouraging everyone to show their support using #BlockHeads.

Photo: Kat Mykals/Sara Engelbrecht

The Owen Block was built in 1882 by Dr. Abraham Owen and is made up of four townhouses. The doctor lived in one and rented the other three. You can find out more about the history of The Owen Block with this video from FJ Reitz High School, Feel the History class.

The Owen Block has been in disrepair for quite sometime, and has sat vacant for years. It has now been fenced off for fear that it is a hazard to public safety. The fear is that this beautiful historic building will be torn down, and that downtown Evansville will lose an incredible piece of architecture and history.

Meet Owen Block Preservation Effort. While I don't know the people behind the page, I am grateful that someone has stepped up to bring awareness of the potential fate of this great building to the community. There is work being done to find out all of the viable options for securing and saving this beautiful piece of history. Community support is paramount at this point to let the powers that be know that as a community, Evansville wants this building to be saved. Take a minute to like the Facebook page for the Owen Block Preservation Effort and also follow them on Twitter to keep up with the latest news and to show your support of the effort. Stop by the building and snap a photo to share using the hashtag #Blockheads and help preserve history.