Looks like Lex Luther has won the epic battle between Superman and him.

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OOk, not really, but Superman did lose his head. Metropolis, Illinois is surrounded by Superman memorabilia with museums and a massive Superman state. Well, the head of that statute was ripped out the other day due to the severe wind that rolled through Southern Illinois. It got pretty windy here in the Tri-States but I wouldn't think it was that bad to rip something off like a head of a statue.

If you get a chance to visit Metropolis you should it really is a fun place to see all of the Superman memorabilia especially if you're a fan. The town is home to the World's Largest Collection of Superman with over 70,000 pieces of Superman items to look at.

Hopefully, crews will be able to get the head back on the Man of Steel soon. They might need more than super glue to get the head back on.

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