Every parent in the world knows that kids repeat things. Unfortunately for this parent, this is a very problematic thing. You see, I may be a good writer but I am a horrible speaker. Very frequently I don't think everything through before I say it. If you have a tendency to just blurt things out like I do, disaster strikes.

Another problem with parenting is the question, "Why?" The reason is that kids, particularly toddlers, ask that question about 5 million times a day. It's problematic because after a while you don't feel like answering it anymore so you just start making stuff up. This particular parenting choice has backfired on me more than once.

For example, I was on speaker phone the other day talking to my cousin when my 3-year-old blurts out, "Mommy, are you watching an adult show?"

A moment of awkward silence swept over the room. Let me explain.

I was watching a Marvel movie one afternoon when my son emerged from his room to ask me something. There was a fight scene on at the time and I told him to wait in the hallway while I looked for the remote. He, of course, asks, "Why?" I tell him it's because he can't watch this movie. Why? Well, because they're fighting. Why? They just are. Why? Which lead to my poor sentence choice of, "Because it's an adult show." He accepted that answer and went on his way. Little did I know that it would later come back to haunt me. Geez.

Meanwhile, earlier this week I was cleaning under the kid's bed when I found this:

Yep, my husband's name with an anti-sign drawn over it. Since the littlest boy can't read, I immediately knew that the 6-year-old did it. I asked him why he did it and he just laughed hysterically. Apparently, he's trying to sway his brother to the dark side...

Finally, to end this week of embarrassing hilarity, my 3-year-old helped me decorate holiday cards for the children in his class. He sat down and I instructed him on what to do and here's the following conversation we had:

Sunny's conversation with a 3-year-old
Sunny's conversation with a 3-year-old

So there you have it folks. My mom struggles for the week this week were actually not so bad considering some of the others I've faced in the past. There's just one last thing I want to know...why are they like this? WHY? Silly mom, silly kids, what can I say?

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