Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away and everyone's getting their dinner menus together. And among the decisions that most people make are Turkey or Ham (or both), Pies or cakes, and stuffing or dressing?

Some people think stuffing and dressing are the same thing just called by different names. But no, there is a distinct different between the two. Stuffing, as in Stove top stuffing, has more of a bread crumble texture to it and is normally used to 'stuff' the turkey with while its cooking. Dressing on the other hand has a thicker, almost pie-like consistency, usually baked in a pan in the oven separate from the turkey, and served as a side dish in itself.

As you can tell by the pictures above that there is an obvious difference with the dressing on the left and the stuffing on the right. Most people usually don't serve BOTH during the same meal. That's like have both Mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, too much starch!

So which do you prefer - Stuffing or Dressing? Leave your vote in the comment box and I'll read the results during tomorrow's show!

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