We all have at least a couple of people to whom we would like to send a number two gift for Valentine's Day.

Revenge Smells

Usually, revenge smells sweet, but with this very clever fundraiser revenge literally stinks. Perhaps you have an ex that dumped you or someone that treats you like crap, on February 14, 2023, you can have shelter cats do their business on them.

canva / newlife rescue
canva / newlife rescue

No Actual Poo for You

No one is actually going to deliver the number two gift to your arch-enemy. That would just be evil, right? This is actually an opportunity to help raise money for Posey County shelter animals in the spirit of Valentine's Day.

Newlife Rescue & Adoption

The genius minds behind (Sorry about that pun) this fundraiser are the combination of PC Pound Puppies and the Posey County Humane Society. They are now NewLife Rescue & Adoption.

Here's the Scoop

Okay, this is pretty funny - For a five-dollar donation to NewLife Rescue & Adoption, you can have your enemy, ex, frienemy, coworker, boss, you get the idea - Anyone that you deem worthy of the litterbox.

The volunteers at  NewLife Rescue & Adoption will write those names inside a litter box in permanent marker. On Valentine's Day, they will share photos of the names in the litter boxes, then they will release the cats!

canva / newlife rescue
canva / newlife rescue

Oh, and just a thought, if your ex got your dog or cat in the break-up, I'm sure you can find a precious furbaby that will love you unconditionally.

CLARIFICATION! The $5 donation gets your person's name written in the bottom of the litter boxes at the shelter for Valentine's Day (and beyond). We are NOT having poo delivered to anyone. — feeling amused.

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