So Didja Hear…

 ...Charlie Sheen told “Life & Style” Magazine that he’s ready to “call anyone for help” after admitting he’s “lost his mind?”  Let’s just hope it’s Dr. Drew


...Charlie Sheen said he wants to hire an intern and received nearly 75,000 applications? That’s good.  I have one intern that weighs more than all of them put together.

...Mel Gibson entered a plea of no contest for battery towards his ex-girlfriend?  I think everyone needs to revisit his meltdown…  It was WAY better than Charlie Sheen’s!


...Everyone’s talking about these “SEXY” Britney Spears pictures she took for “Out” magazine?  I’m sorry everybody, these pictures are nothing special.  I get more stimulation from staring at her first album cover, or ANY of her album covers for that matter.  Let’s be serious.


...Miley Cyrus’ mom got pushed by a paparazzo or whatever they’re called?  There’s nothing more slimey than a paparazzo.  Put your camera down and get a real job.

...Miley Cyrus is rumored to be dating the lead singer of Kings of Leon?  Come on, dude.  You can do better than Hannah Montana.


...Simon Cowell told Piers Morgan that “American Idol” is better this year than it was last year?  He’s right, it’s much better.  I told everyone the cast additions were going to improve the show.  Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez give the show credibility as they’re legit stars who made careers in music before you just needed to win a game show.  Now if we could just find a way to get Randy Jackson off the show…

...Chris Brown told the “New York Post” he’s tired of apologizing for the Rihanna “mishap?”  Dude, you hit a girl in the face.  I wouldn’t get too used to not-apologizing.  It’s gonna take more than “Yeah 3x” for people to forgive you.

 ...Musicians like Ne-Yo and Pink don’t understand why Snooki is on the cover of “Rolling Stone” Magazine?  Really?  You don’t understand why the biggest star of the biggest show in the world is on the cover of a magazine?

...Couples tend to get bored with each other after only 3 years, down from 7?  And people wonder why I don’t want to get married.  I have a

 “7-week itch.”