So Didja Hear...  (The Rob comments on Current Events) 3/14/11


So didja hear...

…Oprah was the highest-earning celebrity of 2010?  Michael Jackson came in second, boosting his earnings exponentially because he died.  Hint, hint, Oprah…


…Comedian Gallagher suffered a heart attack on stage Thursday night?  This is proof that Gallagher should never step foot on a stage.


…The cast of “Twilight” has evacuated Japan?  Hopefully this will result in the cancelation or delay of the next “Twilight” movie.

…A courtroom video reveals Mel Gibson has to go through counseling and probation?  Although I’m happy Mel is technically “on film” again, I wish it were a different kind of video…  “Lethal Weapon 5” anyone??

…This week the Pope is joining facebook?  I am NOT falling for that again.  Years ago I was facebook friends with Jesus Christ, and it turned out to be a fake page!

…Some dude in Iowa is giving up food for Lent, and ONLY drinking beer?  I’m sure he’s a very good Christian!

…A strip club in Oklahoma got busted for having a FOURTEEN year old boy working there?  OK, I admit that’s pretty bad.  But I have seen MUCH worse in strip clubs, which I won’t elaborate on here.

…Lady GaGa is selling bracelets to raise money for Japan?  I’m surprised she’s not raising money exclusively for homosexual Japanese.  This must be great news for Jenelle from “Teen Mom 2.”  (If you don’t get that joke, in EVERY episode she has a Lady GaGa bracelet on.  Yeah, I’m a guy and I know that…  What?)