Hey guys we are just barely into spring and like every year here in the Ohio Valley that means summer along with its sweltering temperatures is right around the corner. During this time of year, I can’t help but to get excited about this year’s crop of movies for the summer blockbuster season and beyond. This year is no different. My mind is already sitting in the air conditioned theater and escaping the heat and reality for a moment. Like every year, it has its share of sequels and re-makes, but it does deliver some original ideas too. I thought I’d list a few movies that I’m very excited for this year.

THE PEANUTS MOVIE - Let's start with this animated movie due out this November. It has been fifty years, this December, since the first Charlie Brown special aired on TV in 1965 A Charlie Brown Christmas. And has been thirty five since the last feature film from the Peanuts gang. Well they return to the big screen this November with an all new story and holiday movie and I couldn’t be more excited.

SAN ANDREAS - I love natural disaster movies as scary as they can be with the “this really could happen factor.” Not to mention is stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who has taken on and beat all adversaries so why not pit him against the earth. This is basically a movie about the big one (earthquake) and keeps you on the edge of seat with near death escapes on land, sea and air. The excitement for this movie opening in May is ground shaking.

FURIOUS 7 - Talking about Dwayne Johnson, he returns with Vin Diesel and crew in the newest installment of the Fast-N-Furious franchise. With the real life death of Paul Walker I’m interested to see how the treatment of his character plays out in this story. I have been a fan of these movies from day one and I’m already invested in these characters. With the addition of Jason Statham and Ronda Rousey, well that’s like topping a cake with a cookie, so great! I will be racing to theater when this opens up in April.

POLTERGEIST – I’m not typically on board with remakes, still vowing to never see the Footloose remake from a couple years ago, but let me tell you the trailer for this new Poltergeist scared the crap out of me. I can only imagine what the actual movie has in store for me. I am a lover of good scary movies and they are so few and far between these days. This movie doesn’t open until July, but I’m already hiding my eyes.

AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON – Yes another sequel, but you can’t have summer without a strong super hero showing. We also will be treated to Ant-Man and hopefully third time is the charm for the Fantastic Four. However with Avengers I have no doubt that I will be blown away and surprised when this movie once again collecting earth’s mightiest heroes to defend the Earth opens this May. Having grown up with my older brother comics, I still geek out every time I see these heroes on the big screen.

PIXELS – Okay, with the movies I have listed we have been attacked by evil robots, ghosts and even Mother Nature herself. In Pixels opening in July we get attacked by the very video game characters that we grew up with. When Donkey Kong and Pac-Man attack who is there to save us? None other than Adam Sandler. This movie based on the short film of the same name is an original idea and looks like nothing short of a great time at the movies.

There are so many other movies out there this year with the re-makes (Mad Max, Jurassic World), the sequels (Insurgent, Insidious Chapter 3) and the originals. I have no doubt if you look you’ll find your next great movie. And if it makes you feel any better Showplace Cinemas are a locally owned company. So enjoy a movie, buy a treat and support local.


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