Twenty!  Count 'em. Before last week's big announcement about Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage, there were already nineteen reasons that roller coaster enthusiasts in Kentucky should put Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California on their bucket lists.  The new Wonder Woman ride, which is slated to open in Summer of 2022, will make it an even TWENTY!  And, when that ride is complete, Six Flags Magic Mountain will have more roller coasters than any amusement park in the world.

I used to live in southern California. I lived in San Diego in the mid 90s, but I traveled north to Six Flags Magic Mountain several times.  I love roller coasters and the park had a reputation for having some of the absolute best. In fact, I happened to be there back in 1997 on the same day MTV was celebrating the then grand opening of Superman: The Escape. I was helping run a summer youth theatre camp and we decided to take the kids to the park. Some of them ended up getting interviewed by Carmen Electra, who was working as an MTV correspondent.  She was sent to Six Flags to cover the ride, which, at the time, was the tallest roller coaster in the world and, with its speed of 100mph, was tied for the fastest.

Well, the park is still breaking records. Last week, Six Flags announced its 20th coaster- Wonder Woman Flight of Courage. When it opens, it will be the tallest and fastest single-rail roller coaster in the world.  It will feature 3,300 feet of track, stand 13 stories tall and reach speeds of up to 58 miles-per-hour.  Here's some video of what the ride will look and feel like!

As a kid who grew up obsessed with watching the old Wonder Woman TV series and an adult who has enjoyed the new WW movies, that looks awesome!

But, as I mentioned, Wonder Woman Flight of Courage will mark Six Flag Magic Mountain's 20th roller coaster.  And their roster of rides features some absolute "beasts" (pardon that pun that evokes images of Kings Island's legendary wooden coaster).

Here are some of the 20 reasons that coaster enthusiasts in Kentucky should head west! Obviously, we'll start with the ride I remember the most when I was visiting Magic Mountain!

SUPERMAN: THE ESCAPE (now known as Superman: Escape from Krypton)

We'll knock out the rest of these roller coaster highlights in alphabetical order.















To see more Six Flags Magic Mountain attractions, including some kid-friendly roller coasters, CLICK HERE!

Six Flags Magic Mountain is open year-round, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. Take it from someone who's been multiple times, go.  Go west!

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