Remember that woman who got caught on the toilet during a Zoom work call a few months ago? Well, at least she wasn't relieving herself during a live national radio interview!

Pop hit-maker Sia was caught on the john during a recent radio promo chat when her (obviously shocked) interviewers heard Sia flush her toilet after doing her business mid-interview.

The Australian superstar called into Brisbane radio station Nova FM’s Ash, Kip & Luttsy With Susie O’Neill Show on Monday (August 17) for an interview, during which the radio hosts heard Sia flush her toilet in the middle of their conversation, per Just Jared.

After the host called Sia out, asking the singer-songwriter if she had seriously just went to the bathroom, Sia came cleaner than a roll of Charmin: "Yeah, you heard me, and I flushed, too. I have no shame!"

When the baffled host again if Sia "really just went to the toilet while you’re doing an interview with us," Sia admitted it again.

"Guess what? Stars are just like us," Sia quipped.

"Why don’t you take a s--- and we’ll get the whole thing?" the host asked, to which Sia retorted, "Unfortunately, I don’t need to take a s---."

Well, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go... But maybe not while on the radio.

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