One of my family's favorite things to do is the 'Trifecta of fun' at Showplace in Newburgh. Okay, I did make the name up, and now that I think about it,it's more like five things that we love doing there: Bowling, Arcade games, Lazer Tag, eating at The Burgh House, and watching movies.

I had just purchased some bowling shoes in early March, since we had made bowling a regular weekend activity. Well, we haven't been able to use those shoes yet, but there is a light a the end of the coronavirus tunnel. Showplace Cinemas released their reopen plan for each theatre and The Burgh House.

- Showplace East will be opening on June 14.
- The Burgh House at Showplace Newburgh will be opening on June 10.
- Showplace Newburgh will be opening on June 19.
- The FEC bowling lanes will be opening on June 19.
- Showplace North, Henderson, Harrisburg, Jasper, Princeton & Connersville will open on June 26.
- The FEC arcade and laser tag facilities will be opening on July 4.

According to the Showplace Cinemas Facebook page, they will have more information regarding gift cards, reusable popcorn buckets, and the social distancing specifics.

I noticed that a lot of people were asking about the old South location, but that theatre was actually sold last year.

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