What's going on?

Shark Week was two weeks ago but some people (including myself) still love everything shark related. So much so, they are making a business out of them! Like haven't these people seen 'Jaws' or 'The Meg'? Are these people nuts or do you think this is a great idea? I have so …
Local Designer Featured in YouTuber, Mallory Ervin, Vlog
Mallory Ervin is a small town girl from Morganfield, KY who has experienced a lot from Miss America to the Amazing Race. Ervin has taken small town girl to the big city of Nashville, TN and expanding her brand through social media, especially her YouTube channel.
USI Offers Interest Free Payment Plan
Student loans are zero fun and leave many students in debt before they even take their first college course. Many Americans face astronomical student loan debt, I am one of them. Granted, mine is definitely not as high as others, it's still a headache.
Boyz II Men Coming To Indiana State Fair
I've never been to the state fair but I feel that this is a sign I need to attend. If you are a lover of all things deep fried, rides, animals, and concerts you'll want to hit up the Indiana State Fair.
Upscale Consignment Shops You Need To Visit Before School Starts
Back to school shopping is underway. I know this because my sister has five kids and four of them needed to do back to school shopping this week. She typically has to do one kid per shopping day because it gets chaotic. Don't forget it gets expensive too! That's where she loves to snag som…
If You Are A Parent, You Need This
Ever worry your kid is hot in the back seat with these hot temps? Chances are they are way hotter than you. If your backseat is like mine, it doesn't have vents so it can get steamy in this heat!