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Do We Have Any LEGO Fans Out There?
Do your kids love Legos? Angel here and my son Tucker is obsessed with building and playing with them. We were pumped to find out just a few hours down the road we can have the ultimate Lego experience.
Plan to Stop at this Nashville Experience
Plan to Stop at this Nashville Experience. It was recently voted as Nashville's "Best Dinner Entertainment." It's a place to bring the entire family to enjoy free Saturday activities for the kids, shopping, eating, entertainment, and more.
Breezy Easter Dresses Little Girls Will Love
On April 12, 2020, little girls from across the tri-state will pull on their sweet springy Easter dresses and dazzle and delight their friends and families. I have to help my daughter pick out a dress. We can't decide on just one but I thought I'd share some of the really cute ones we founโ€ฆ