Shia LaBeouf found himself dealing with plagiarism claims for lifting from cartoonist and writer Daniel Clowes last year. He apologized via a skywriter. But he has continued his campaign of plagiarizing and apologizing, this time taking to Twitter to steal apologies.

He borrowed Kanye West's infamous apology to Taylor Swift.

So  wait, why is the actor, who revealed he had to show peen pics for a role, apologizing to T. Swizzle? That's immaterial. He is merely stealing Yeezy's apology after their -- to use a British phrase -- row. Get it. He's plagiarizing apologies. There is some point he is trying to prove, but we find it to be a little exhausting and all very esoteric.

See the tweets below. Perhaps Shia might want to think about letting it go...and moving on?

We have a headache just thinking about all this.

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