I have a pretty cool boss. In a world where companies seem to expand at breakneck speed but their workforce diminishes just as quickly and most employees feel like a number, LaDonne actually takes the time to remind us that we are human beings and deserve to be treated as such. Last year, we kept a positive jar. Each week, we'd write down the best thing that happened to us and keep it tucked away to read at the end of the year. This year, she took the time to print each of us out a stack of positive quotes. When we are feeling rundown or blue, we can take one out of the stack, read it, and deposit it into our jar.

Ashley S

It's a great exercise in building yourself up and remembering there's more to life than the things that bring us down. So, when I saw this post on Facebook, my heart skipped a little beat.

My friend Kat Mykals invited me to join a Facebook group about a month ago and I LOVE it. It's called Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared. I love seeing the unusual, creepy, funny, outlandish oddities that people post. As a fellow thrift shopper, the posts always delight me. But one this morning stood out. When Karsten Everhart purchased a jacket at a thrift store in Jasper, AL, she found something tucked deep inside a pocket. She hit the thrifting jackpot - not because what she found was expensive. It's probably worth zero dollars. But at the same time, it's priceless.

I bought this jacket a couple months back at a thrift store. It looked like it had hardly been worn and was only $10 so I couldn’t say no especially since I needed a thicker jacket for winter.

The other day I decided to put something in the right breast pocket and felt something inside. Pulled the contents out and found these quotes very neatly written out. They feel more like encouraging words than quotes and I encourage everyone to read them.

Karsten Everhart
Karsten Everhart

Karsten told me, that she's so happy the post is being shared. "Even if one person sees it, it's more than just me. I deal with depression and anxiety so finding these really made my day. If I can get it to reach someone that might be going through a tough time it would be worth every penny I paid. I really just want to help those out there that might need a sign."

Seriously, how cool is this? Did someone write these down and pop them in the pocket to give a gift to themselves or to the person who bought the jacket? Were they struggling with some insurmountable mountains or just have a poet's soul?  Were they a gift from someone else like mine and kept close to the heart? We may never know. But after receiving my own gift of inspirational quotes that help ease the overwhelming madness of this world, I understand and appreciate what a fantastic find this is...

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