Shakira's son Milan, born January 22, is the fifth coach on 'The Voice.'

The singer shared photos of her gorgeous little boy and firstborn on Twitter, as he was perched on her lap while she was seated in her big red swiveling space chair.

The 'Hips Don't Lie' singer tweeted a shot of Milan looking like he was pooping something fierce in his diaper, since he is making the grumpy, baby-patented "I'm pooping so leave me alone" face. It was infinitely adorbs. Shak joked that he wasn't feeling the performance he just saw. She tweeted: "Uh oh, I don't think he liked that performance! @NBCTheVoice #5thCoach."

Or maybe he got an up close and personal look at the show's class clown Blake Shelton?

Shak shared another photo of her pride and joy, writing: "Clearly Milan's intrigued by this performance."

It's time to put Milan on 'The Voice' payroll. We don't need Christina Aguilera to come back and be a diva. Milan can convey a whole lot of opinion with his angelic face.

Seriously, though, the little guy is presh. Shak's got a looker on her hands. But we expected that since she's pretty cute herself.


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