Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are back together, but with one very big condition governing the reunion.

Gomez has taken the bad boy back as long as he amends his behavior and changes his ways. While The Biebs seemed headed for a meltdown that no one could curtail – not his mother Pattie, his father Jeremy or his manager Scooter — Gomez might be the guiding force and positive influence necessary to set him on the straight and narrow.

It's not lost on us that The Biebs began to lash out and behave like a jerk once he and Gomez split. He was on a downward spiral when she bounced. Perhaps her influence will help him rehab his image, which has taken quite the beating since 2013 kicked off.

Sources say that Sel had been hesitant about taking back her wayward ex. The pot smoking, the repeat car mishaps, the general brattiness is so not her scene. The Biebs allegedly used his many charms to win her over and promised on July 4 to change his ways and clean up his increasingly messy act.

That was all Sel needed to welcome him back into her open arms... as long as he means what he said. Toe that line, Biebs, or risk losing Selena Gomez FOREVER.

Maybe Selena, who is still squeaky clean, only acting like a bad girl in films like 'Spring Breakers,' can exert some of her goodness over The Biebs. At this point, SOMEONE has to.

Whatever the case, we will keep watching and remain totally addicted to the details of their relationship saga.

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