Selena Gomez may be a solo pop star these days after splitting from her band, The Scene—but don't worry: She still loves her previous band-mates like a love song, baby.

In an Ask Me Anything Chat video interview shared on July 9, Gomez was asked about her former band, which she parted ways with back in January 2012.

"That to me was a very specific time in my life. I think if you're 14, 15, 16 and trying to sing about situations in life that you haven't experienced, I don't really know if that qualifies you as an artist, if that is me being honest with you," Gomez shared of her early music career.

"So I feel like for me that was me exploring where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do, and it helped me to have people who were older around me that helped guide me, and inspired me and pushed me," she continued. "And then there's a moment where I felt like I could do it and I wanted to try it on my own. And I feel like it's just kinda starting now, or with Revival, which was the last album.

As for The Scene, which included musicians Joey Clement, Dane Forrest, Greg Garman, Drew Taubenfeld, Ethan Roberts and Nick Foxer, there's no bad blood between them and the pop star, as she looks back at the experience fondly.

"Yeah, they were great guys," she added. Watch below:

At least we'll always have "Naturally."

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