Last night's performers were definitely a unique bunch! If you missed it, you can catch the full episode of last night's Blind Auditions on The Voice right here!

There were a few mind blowing performances for me, and a few that were less than spectacular. My top 2 picks from last night are hands down, Nelly's Echo, who sang Ain't No Sunshine, and Nicole Nelson who's performance of Hallelujah gave me goosebumps! Not surprising all 4 coaches turned their chairs for Nicole, and she landed on Team Adam.

2 acts that were more fizzle than sizzle for me were Domo and 2Steel Girls. Domo was so arrogant in the introduction package that it was a really big turn off for me. While her choreography for the Pussy Cat Doll's Don't Cha - which ironically was written by Cee Lo - was pretty good, I thought her focus should have been more on her vocal abilities than her dance moves. 2Steel Girls are a mother-daughter duo who belted out Before He Cheats. With them, it's not that the vocals were bad. In fact, I rather liked the performance, but I was really turned off by the 44 year old mom in the thigh high boots.

If you missed last night's episode, you can catch it now!