If you are on the Nextdoor app or website, you've probably seen all kinds of posts from your neighbors. Now, you can get important news and emergency notifications from the City of Evansville.

Maybe you've never heard of this app or you are not sure how to use it. Nextdoor has been around since 2008. It's a way to bring neighbors together, so we can share information about crimes, good news, lost pets, events, local deals, and a lot more. It's like Facebook and Craigslist with a touch of Linkedin. It can look a little overwhelming, if you have never used it.

Let's take a look at all of the categories.


See, there is a ton of information shared throughout neighborhoods. There is one very important piece of information that you need to be aware of. You can add your name and exact address, so you can connect with your neighbors that you may not know yet. You can choose to just select your area of town or street, if you don't want everyone to know where your house is.

You can decide what information you want your neighbors to see, like your email address and emergency contact. If you would like to buy or sell items, there is a section for that, and subsections with categories. It looks a lot like Facebook Marketplace.

You can find out about local businesses and nonprofits, and if you're new to the area there are sections for specific services like Dentists, hair salons and auto repair shops. The Vanderburgh County Sheriff also posts news releases, and information that is quite helpful.

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This is a great way to connect to our community, especially if you are tired of Facebook drama (Or you gave it up for Lent).

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