I absolutely love this news and I am so excited I am a Netflix subscriber.  My buddy Bob Dasher, from right here in Owensboro, just got back from Atlanta, Georgia, where he had the experience of a lifetime.  He filmed scenes for an upcoming Netflix movie!

Now, if the name Bob Dasher doesn't ring a bell to you, this name will- Santa Claus.  Bob is Owensboro's most beloved Santa and makes appearances as Jolly Old St. Nick at a variety of functions throughout the year.  In fact, this particular Santa has been known to show up on Carnival Cruise ships and surprise the Camp Carnival kids!

Tina Meschko
Tina Meschko

Over the weekend, Bob took his sleigh down to Atlanta to film scenes for an upcoming holiday movie from Netflix.  And, yes!  In The Drone That Saved Christmas, Bob will be starring as Santa.

This was Bob's first time ever on a movie set and he says it was absolutely wonderful.  His big day on set was Friday and it turned into nearly a 24-hour marathon.  Bob was fascinated by and in awe of the inner-workings of the project.  He loved the behind-the-scenes action and was particularly impressed at the speed with which the film's art department was able to make changes to or build a set.

By the way, BreakOut Music, the production company behind The Drove That Saved Christmas, is the same company the produced The App That Stole Christmas, a 2020 comedy release.  Here's the trailer for that film.

Bob says his film is expected to be released in November of this year! If you'd like more information about Bob's film, The Drone That Saved Christmas, you can check out the official announcement and cast list by CLICKING HERE!


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