This makes me so sad.  Meet Sam!  Sam is (we think) a Basset Hound mix who has been staying at the Warrick Humane Society.  Sam needs our help, though.  For reasons we can't quite figure out, Sam has been at the Warrick Humane Society longer than anybody else!


Sam has been at WHS since November!  He's spent his Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, AND Valentine's Day without a family!  And he's so well behaved and loving that it's completely puzzling that he hasn't been adopted yet.


A lot of times when dogs stick around at the Humane Society for months on end, there's some sort of reason or explanation for it.  Some dogs are too big, powerful, loud, energetic, or have behavioral difficulties with people or other animals...  But not Sam.  As you can see in the video, Sam is a happy boy.  He's affectionate, well-mannered, good with people and other animals...  And he's CUTE, too!  We are just stumped as to why Sam has not been able to find his forever home.


Watch him in the video below.  If you'd like to meet Sam, he would LOVE to meet you!  He's at the Warrick Humane Society on Vann Rd. about a mile past Castle High School in Newburgh, IN.


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