What do you get when you combine reptiles, creepy masks and a gravity-defying singer? One wild science experiment — and Rilan is at the center of it.

The 19-year-old singer is the figurative mad scientist in the middle of the visually stunning chaos that is his new video 'Chemical.' The black-and-white theme and fluid movement of its various scenes — including slithering black and white snakes, and black ink curling like smoke through water — offer a complementary visual to Rilan’s smooth voice.

He sings, “’Cause we blow up every night / You twist me up inside / Flowing through my veins tonight / ’Cause we got that chain reaction / Something’s happening when you collide with me / We’re chemical.” Fittingly, the song feels like a chain reaction. The verses are mid-tempo, almost soft with the quiet vocals, but set off by the quick and insistent beat, the song explodes into a punchy chorus that feels like a reactionary spark.

The Louisiana native shared his vision behind the creation of ‘Chemical.’ “It was easy working with Director Ethan Lader,” he tells PopCrush. “He understood my thought process behind the song and the perception I wanted to create visually. Being from New Orleans, I am inspired by mysticism, old science, alchemy and magic, and although we wanted to give the video modernity to fit the song structure, it has a classic editorial feel mixed with some dark twisted fantasies. The video is what the world looks like when I close my eyes."

Very creepy, Rilan. We love it!

Check out Rilan’s ‘Chemical’ video up above.

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