It's a universally known fact that Rihanna is crushing it. From preparing for the release of her eighth studio album to having a documentary made about her, RiRi is the literal definition of a modern renaissance woman. Thursday, March 13 was a big day for the "FourFiveSeconds" singer, as she announced a Dior campaign and visited Good Morning America to chat about her role in the upcoming animated movie Home.

When it was announced that the 22-year old beauty would be the new face of the Dior "Secret Garden" campaign, the world made a collective cheer of approval. The thing is, Rihanna is making history with her Dior girl role. According to the International Business Times, she is the first black woman to star in one of the fashion powerhouse's iconic campaigns. According to Celebuzz, the "Secret Garden" campaign will be shot by Steve Klein, who Rihanna worked with back in 2009 for a Vogue Italia shoot. The site also suggests the backdrop of the bound-to-be-decadent project will be the Parisian palace of Versailles and will host a soundtrack by new wave group Depeche Mode. Sounds perfect!

Rihanna didn't stop with fashion history and took to Good Morning America Friday (March 13) to promote her role in the new animated movie Home. Joined by co-stars Jim Parsons, of the Big Bang Theory and Steve Martin -- and wearing the coolest powder pink bodysuit/blazer combo we've ever seen -- RiRi discusses her first animated role and tells us what home means to her. So what does home mean to Rihanna? She tells the GMA host, "Barbados will always be home to me of course, but I pretty much feel like anywhere I can fall asleep!” Great answer! In Home Rihanna voices the character of Tip, who is also from Barbados.

While you're waiting for more news on #R8, you can check out Home, which hits theaters March 27 and tune into to watch Rihanna perform at the iHeart Radio Awards on March 29.

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