The City of Evansville is asking residents to help identify potholes in need of repair around the city by using a special hashtag on Twitter, because, technology.

Normal, everyday wear and tear on city streets, compounded with fluctuating temperatures causes even the sturdiest roads to expand and contract inevitably leading to cracks that eventually become the dreaded pothole.

Considering the hundreds of miles of streets within the Evansville city limits, finding each and every pothole to fill can be difficult. Which is why the Office of Mayor Winnecke is asking residents to jump on Twitter and use the hashtag, #EvvPotholes to help road crews map out the areas in need of repair.

Simply note the location of the pothole as descriptive as 140 characters will allow, slap the hashtag in there somewhere, and the City will take it from there.

If you don't have Twitter, you can still report a problem spot by calling Evansville Street Maintenance at 812-435-6000.

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