Over the weekend, thousands of NFL viewers chimed in with their opinions on what it means to "#TakeaKnee." 

The controversy started after President Donald Trump said something along the lines of football players needing to be fired if they take a knee during the National Anthem. While this has sparked many people and players a lot to express their freedom of speech, it isn't the first time this has happened. We took to Facebook to ask listeners what their opinions were following Sunday night's uproar. Here's what they had to say:

Like we mentioned in the initial post, The Rob and Maddie have some differing opinions on the issue. Those are summed up below.

Maddie's opinion:
While I fully support and understand the reason behind people taking a knee during the National Anthem, I did choose to stand at the last NFL game I attended. However, with that being said, when the National Anthem plays on the TV while I'm waiting for the game to start, I don't stand up in my living room. Does this mean I'm disrespectful of our country? I don't think so...and I think it's safe to say most people don't stand in their own homes. Anyway, that's a little off topic. I don't think the players choosing to take a knee are protesting the soldiers that fight for our country or the freedom we are very fortunate to have. I simply think they're protesting Trump's opinion that they should be fired for expressing free speech - a freedom and right that all Americans have through the First Amendment of the United States. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't know enough about politics. I choose not to get heavily involved in anything political because I don't feel educated enough to really pick a side. However, I support that people that do choose to stand up, or in this case - take a knee, for something they feel passionately about. It's our right to stand -- or kneel -- for what we believe in.

The Rob's opinion:

I'm a huge defender of first amendment, I always have been.  I'm NOT of the mentality that "this is a football game, keep politics out."  I'm also not of the mentality that "they're just football players, they should keep their opinions to themselves and play football."  But I do believe that the national anthem is the wrong time to make the protests.  You can definitely love your country and not respect your president (or whatever each individual chooses to protest).  I don't care if you tweet about it, mention your opinions in interviews, or whatever you choose to do.  I just think the anthem is the time you silently respect the wonderful things that the flag and our country represent, as well as the sacrifices people have made to get us the luxuries we do have.

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