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Princess Charlotte and Prince George Aren't Allowed to Have Best Friends

Being a royal comes with its red tape, but a new rule made by the education institution attended by the young royal siblings has restricted students from selectively inviting classmates to events outside of school in an effort to promote the inclusion of everyone. The concept of the best friend is discouraged so that no one gets left out. (via Cosmopolitan)

A Weekend Without Sports

A weekend that had promised a thrilling NCAA Tournament instead was left with filler content and seemingly pointless overviews of sporting events that have since been canceled due to the coronavirus crisis.

American sportscaster Scott Van Pelt worked hard to fill an hour of on-air content without the originally planned material. Pelt went into season recaps for the NBA and aired interviews pertaining to game cancellations and postponements. Other sports broadcasters struggled to fill up their programming slots since they were left with no actual breaking sports news to cover. (via Klove)

Celebrities Encourage Fans to Self-Quarantine 

Many may still not fully grasp the severity of the current situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic, but some celebrities have decided to use their platforms to convince followers that erring on the side of caution is the best way to go.

Social media posts from celebs like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande all warned fans of the potential dangers of not taking the coronavirus crisis seriously.  They promoted making a sacrifice and foregoing social gatherings to help prevent spreading the virus to those at higher risk, like elderly people. (via Radio.com)

Couple Celebrates 67th Anniversary While Separated by Window

Just one example of how lives have changed amid the current coronavirus crisis is a couple from Connecticut who celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary separated by a window.

The man was unable to visit his wife in a nursing home because of quarantine procedures, so instead he went outside her window with a large sign wishing her a happy anniversary. The sign read, "I've loved you 67 years and still do. Happy anniversary." His wife saw his gesture and returned it by waving and blowing kisses down to her husband. (via Fox News)

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