In the technical day and age that we live in where everything is email, text, or video chat, I honestly do not remember the last time that I had to buy a stamp to send a piece of snail mail.

Wait? There's a Name for That Stamp?

Heck, I didn't even know the going rate for a stamp until I found out that the United States Postal Services plans to increase the price of a standard, first-class stamp. I didn't even know that the standard ol' stamp had its own name. (It's the Forever Stamp, by the way.)


How Much Do They Cost, Anyway?

I feel like I cannot possibly be the only one who did not know the current price of postage for a first-class letter, but regardless, I now know that the price could be increasing if the proposed prices are approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission.

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Why Would Postage Prices Increase?

It seems to be more than just a buzzword... The USPS blames the proposed price increase on inflation.

As inflation and increased operating expenses continue, these price adjustments will help with the implementation of the Delivering for America plan, including a $40 billion investment in core Postal Service infrastructure over the next ten years. With the new prices, the Postal Service will continue to provide the lowest letter-mail postage rates in the industrialized world and offer a great value in shipping.

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Stamps Pay for the USPS

The USPS is funded almost entirely on the sale of stamps, postal services, and packaging as they reportedly do not "generally" receive tax dollars to operate (File that under: More Things I Did Not Know - Clearly I am a real adult!)

How Much Would The Cost Increase?

If the proposed price increase is approved, just how much more you will be spending to send your letters and packages depends on what type of mail you are sending and to where. For example, a standard letter will only be increasing by $0.02 but an international letter will cost you $0.10 more. Here are the anticipated increases according to the USPS,

ProductCurrent PricesPlanned Prices
Letters (1 oz.)58 cents60 cents
Letters (metered 1 oz.)53 cents57 cents
Letters additional ounce(s)20 cents24 cents
Domestic Postcards40 cents44 cents
International Letter (1 oz.)$1.30 cents$1.40 cents

When Do The Prices Increase?

The new postage prices are expected to take effect beginning July 10, 2022 if they are approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission.

[Source: USPS]

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