There's a choice for disenfran-cheesed voters.

A man from Raynham, Mass. named John Freeman has founded the Pizza Party, a political party with 184 registered voters that, while not an official party, is recognized by the state and appears on the secretary of the commonwealth's website as a political designation.

Freeman, 42, says he has never sought out members, no candidate has sought office and no one has raised money for the party.

"The United States did not start with political parties,” says Freeman, who runs a website for his day job and plans to vote for Donald Trump for president. "They should all be abolished."

As for the Pizza Party's platform, Freeman says, "We believe in cheese pizza as the principle. (You) can add pepperoni, mushrooms and onions."

Who wouldn't want someone from the Pizza Party serving as president? Instead of the White House, he or she would live in Pizza Hut, Papa John would be vice president and foreign policy would be decided over a huge Sicilian slice.