I'll admit it - I use my phone when I drive.

I try not to, but I do. I avoid it when my kid is in my car, but when I'm flying solo, I'll send a text or Snapchat every now and then. That's hard for me to admit because I know it's wrong, but I think most people do. I know how irresponsible and dangerous it is, but honestly it's a hard habit to break. I try to limit it to stop lights or stop signs, but sometimes I don't.

However, I recently came across what I'm considering the end to texting and driving - podcasts.

Yep, podcasts. I was never into podcasts before this year when a friend suggested I listen to Serial Season 1. I love anything true crime, so I was completely HOOKED to this podcast. Shortly after that, I found myself subscribing to several different podcasts and enjoying them during my commutes. Sometimes I'd listen at home while cleaning or playing with my kid, but 99% of the time I listened in my car.

Then, one day it dawned on me. When I was listening to podcasts while driving, I rarely even remembered my phone was near me. For me, the intriguing story held my attention and I just...listened. If I ever did glance down at my phone or read an email, I'd have to go back and listen to the minutes I'd missed over again. I wanted to hear the story, and my phone distracted me from that. I know driving itself should be the main distraction from my phone, but I'm trying to be transparent.

When you're listening - actually listening - you don't want to miss anything. I found myself rarely even getting my phone out of my bag, let alone reading an email or sending a text. This same type of listening doesn't happen with music. When you're listening to music, you aren't really listening. This provides an open window to Snapchat your favorite song to your friends or read an internet article. With podcasts, I found myself entirely captivated by the story. Even when my kid would start fussing, I found myself pausing the podcast to help him and then resume once I had found the pacifier.

When you find a good podcast that tells a good story, I do believe it will keep you from distracted driving. Plus, you get to hear a neat story on top of it. Win win.

Now that I've went on and on about how great podcasts are, I bet you're wondering which podcasts I'm subscribed to.

Here's a list of my recommendations:

Crime Junkie (holy moly...Ashley Flowers knows how to tell a captivating story)

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness (YAS HUNNY)

Science Rules with Bill Bye (the nerd in me LOVES this! BILL! BILL! BILL!)

Serial (particularly season 1, but I've listened to the others too)

Dirty John (I just started this and it's OK, but listen to the others first)