When it comes to hot men in Hollywood, there are few who rival the good looks of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) & Captain America (Chris Evans). The Rob, Kat Mykals & Facebook weigh in on who is the sexier piece of man candy.

Ethan Miller(Getty Images)/Theo Wargo(Getty Images)

The Rob

YIKES! While I'm probably not SUPPOSED to have an opinion about this topic, I'm happy to weigh in on it. In my opinion, the more-tasty morsel, with all due respect to Evans, is Thor... Er, I mean Chris Hemsworth. While I wouldn't go as far as far as to call either one of them "man-crushes," but if given the choice... Chris Hemsworth > Chris Evans.

Kat Mykals

Initially I was thinking that I was leaning more Thor than Cap' but then I took a closer look. Both men are delightfully easy on the eyes but Chris Evans has that something extra. He has an incredibly sexy jawline. Can a jawline be sexy??? Honestly, overall he has more pronounced facial features and I like that. Both look great shirtless, but I think for me, it's Evans for the win!




Your turn! Who's sexier? Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans? Leave a comment below



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