For the past month or so, I have been updating people on the beautiful situation that has been unfolding at Showplace Cinemas' east side location here in Evansville.  (If you're unfamiliar with the story, you can click here to get caught up.)  It was actually a bit of a longshot that the geese would survive where they were nesting, in the parking lot of a busy movie theater.  The two parent geese (nicknamed Madea and Marvel) became part of the Showplace family.  The story culminated with the baby geese (also known as goslings) being born on Easter!


So here is what will probably be the final update on the family of geese that have captured our hearts that I received from Kyla at Showplace East:


On Easter morning, five of the seven eggs hatched!  After being hatched, they spent Easter in their nest in Showplace's parking lot, and then early Monday morning, around 8:30AM, the family left for a pond just north of the movie theater.  They have reportedly been living at the pond ever since!  Just in time to avoid the Avengers: Endgame traffic!


And, yes, the newborn goslings do have names!  We've already told you that mother goose is Madea and the VERY protective father goose is Marvel.  Well, now they have their five children Captain Marvel, Ryan Gosling, Dumbo, Groot, and Acemyth (the first four named after movies currently showing, the last one named after the location's General Manager, who reportedly needed some time to warm up to the geese, but come around and began to love them).


Here are some new pictures of the geese!  All photos/videos: Kyla Lynn and Peter Lynn from Showplace East.



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