Your 11th American Idol...  Mr. Phillip Phillips.

In a massive televised finale that included performances from Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Flo-Rida, Lil Jon, John Fogerty, Jennifer Holiday, and all of the top 24 American Idols, last night Phillip Phillips won the nation-wide vote to become the new American Idol.


Phillips edged out Jessica Sanchez, who had outlasted the 22 other Idols with her vocal prowess that reminded many of a 16-year old Whitney Houston.  Elsewhere on the show former Idol runner up Diana DiGarmo was proposed to by her boyfriend (and also former contestant) Ace Young.  For some reason she said yes.  Jennifer Lopez also debuted her new single with Lil Jon and Flo-Rida.


Do you think Phillip Phillips was a good choice for American Idol?