I went to my mom's house on Mother's Day to make a big breakfast for her.  While I was in the kitchen whipping up a pound of bacon, a couple of ham/tomato/onion/cheese omelettes, some strawberry and blueberry pancakes and some strawberry/banana smoothies, I noticed that she had a gigantic piece of duct tape, rather unattractively spread across the cabinet doors under her sink.  Needless to say, I thought that was rather odd.  The women in my family are prone to eccentricities, so I initially just thought this was Step #1 on her journey to "the home."  But, then it occurred to me.  Oh, yeah!  The dog.

My mother has a new puppy named Darcie.  Yes, you can already tell be her name just how obnoxious this pet is. She's a Teddy Bear- a Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise mix.  She's fluffy, cute, energetic and, well, friggin' nuts.  She's also incredibly smart and frustratingly stubborn.  This dog does not understand the words "No!", "Stop!" or "DARCIE!!!!"

Apparently, Darcie the Dog is so smart that she has figured out that my mom keeps al kinds of stuff in that particular cabinet that a dog shouldn't have access to.  "Shouldn't", of course, is the key word here.  Remember, the dog doesn't understand the word "NO!"

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So, what's underneath the kitchen sink?  Light bulbs, which the dog has dragged out of the cabinet.  Scrub brushes, which the dog has grabbed with her teeth and taken off running like she's in some sort of Olympic sprint relay.  It's full of stuff she, nor any other dog, shouldn't have- but she has figured out how to open the cabinet doors with her paws so she can get it.

My mom, consequently, has had to figure out a way to keep the cabinet doors shut in a way so that Darcie the Dog can't get them open.  Her solution?  The very attractive strand of duct tape!

Do you have a pet that has figured out how to get into your cabinets and drawers?  If so, what are YOU doing about it?


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