It's as much a part of our daily routines these days as complaining about people who posts too much about politics and share too many photos of their kids, but there was a time when Facebook was new and full of wonder.

Mashable has put out this video in which people read their first Facebook posts. Do you remember that day? You probably sat in front of your computer, drawing the kind of blank that you only previously knew when trying to write something witty in your friend's high school yearbook or when trying to remember the name of that restaurant you once went to that was really good with the waiter who did that thing, you know, when you ordered the appetizer, which you also can't seem to remember.

Okay. we've gotten off topic, but you understand what we're saying. Your first Facebook post is a far cry from where we all are now, sharing memes, inserting emojis, posting photos of our feet dangling off beach chairs and going live while you get your nails done or whatever other interesting activity you think the world needs to see.

But we all had to start somewhere.

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