Legendary rock band Pearl Jam has been behind some of alternative rock's greatest hits, including 'Jeremy,' 'Alive,' 'Even Flow' and 'Dissident.'

But even the seasoned rockers couldn't help but let their inner-'Frozen' out at a concert on June 20.

Let's let this sink in for a moment: Pearl Jam covered 'Let it Go'!

According to Gawker, while performing their 1993 hit song 'Daughter' in Milan, Italy, lead singer Eddie Vedder sang roughly 30 seconds of 'Let it Go' during a portion of the song's instrumental part!

There have been many fan covers of 'Let it Go' on YouTube but we would have never pegged Eddie Vedder as a fan of Elsa and Anna. And we certainly haven't heard a rock group cover the song yet, so if Vedder was hoping to be the first, then he definitely surprised us all.

You can listen to the snippet by clicking 'play' on the video above.

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