I worked in theatre for years and I remember working with Oliver Palmer years ago, when his father, Nick, was the conductor at the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra.  If memory serves me correctly (and it's been a hot minute), I choreographed a middle school version of Scrooge (or maybe it was Charlie & The Chocolate Factory) he starred in and I think I worked with him when he was in high school too.  Even then, Oliver had stage presence for days.  He had a huge personality and knew how to command the attention of an audience.

This Friday night, he'll be commanding the attention of a national audience.  He's going to appear on the two-hour season finale of Blue Bloods on CBS.  Yesterday, Oliver shared the exciting news on social media.

I reached out to Oliver's dad, Nick, this morning.  Obviously, Maestro Palmer is a very proud dad.  He credits the "wonderful training and experience in Owensboro"  for prepping Oliver for his professional acting career.  By the way, while the Palmers were in town, Oliver was involved with Theatre Workshop of Owensboro.  Nick gave T.W.O. Executive Director Todd Reynolds a special shout out.  Also, he specifically mentioned and credited Carolyn Greer and her spirited work with the Rose Curtain Players at Owensboro High School.

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Nick says there's no doubt that Oliver's roots are in Kentucky and "he proudly looks forward to producing a new play based on the local area."

Well, we're definitely going to look forward to that.  And something else we're looking forward to?  The season finale of Blue Bloods.

Oliver can't give us any juicy plot details or spoilers, however, he did share this with me earlier today.  "All I can say is, this the first time you see me I have a gun in my hand."

Blue Bloods airs on CBS at 8pm CST this Friday night!


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