The restaurant that made the list is located in central Illinois and has been around for over 75 years, and they are famously known for its delicious bowls of chili.

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A website called created a list called These 25 Restaurants Serve The Best Chili in America, and The Chili Parlor in Springfield, Illinois ranks 8th on the list. What makes the chili at The Chili Parlor one of the ten best chilis in the USA? On the site they say...

"Founded in 1945 as Joe Rogers Chili (the name was recently changed after new ownership came in), The Chili Parlor originally only had 11 seats, but that wasn't bound to last. The secret to this place's success is probably the fact that chili is made to order, to each customer's specifications. Meat and beans are kept separate, and only combined once the customer chooses from five heat levels (from mild to firebrand) and specifies whether they'd like extra meat or beans."

I wanted to learn more about The Chili Parlor so I went to their website and on the site, you learn that they put Chili on EVERYTHING! They have the chili dog, the chili burger, the chili mac supreme, and of course, you can even buy the chili by the pint or quart! To learn more about The Chili Parlor click here!

There is another restaurant from Springfield, Illinois on the list, a place called Dew Chili Parlor ranks 15th on the list. To see the complete list for yourself just click here!

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