There's nothing like hearing the crash of a broken window while you're getting shot at playing Grand Theft Auto V to make you duck for cover! That's exactly what happened to me last night.

As I was deeply immersed in a highly illegal smuggling mission on GTA V with my headphones on, some little knuckle heads from the neighborhood decided it would be entertaining to throw one of the rocks from my driveway over my fence and directly into my bedroom window!

For a brief moment I thought it was the sound effects from the video game til I looked over a saw BULLET SIZED HOLE in my screen! My immediate reaction was to get low a make sure I didn't hear any gun shots!

Once I determined the coast was clear, I put on my robe and slippers and ran outside to see what happened. I didn't get chance to see who did it, but luckily my wife was coming home at the exact time that the boys who did it started laughing and running! My neighbor was also sitting in her car at the time and also saw them do it! Otherwise, I wouldn't know WHO to point the finger at to get my window fixed!

Have you ever been the victim of vandalism? Did you find out who did it? Share your pain in the comment box below!

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