If you were a fan of Rubik's cube from back in the day or even if you've NEVER heard of it before, this app is a great mind-tester (and time-killer)! The Rubik's Cube The Game FREE app (yes, that's the WHOLE name) will make you feel like you're holding an authentice Rubik's Cube in your hand.

Don't be fooled by the imitations eithers! When I was searching for a new app to play, I saw at least 3 or 4 FAKE cube games. Some try to alter the spelling like "Rubix", or Rubicks", but don't fall for it. Look for the app with the long name "Rubik's Cube The Game FREE".

It's a fun app for anyone who wants to feel that frustration of trying to get that last red square on the right side! Download it now and enjoy.

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